Annual report on National Security Agency activities




The annual report of the Bulgarian State "National Security" Agency (NSA) for 2016 was made public. The document paid special attention to the cybersecurity in Bulgaria, taking into account "the growing capabilities of foreign states and non-state actors to carry out malicious attacks."

NSA recognizes that despite the measures taken to eliminate the Bulgarian cyber-defense vulnerabilities, there is still a number of them.

As factors reducing the capacity of the state to counter cyber-threats, the agency pointed the lack of uniform measures for information protection, experts shortage in the field of information security, the institutions` limited financial resources etc.

According to the report, due to vulnerabilities in communications and information systems/networks and web resources in 2016 are executed almost all major types of cyber-attacks against institutions and economic entities of national security importance.

The consequences of hacker attacks on government sectors for 2016 are "data loss, inability to use files with official information, blocking the work and the Internet communications, the state institutions image-damage, hindering the provision of public services, unauthorized access to official/sensitive information, such as a state secrets, direct financial damages."

During this period NSA was countered cyber-attacks and recovered the computer information systems of government agencies after a number of attacks. The agency has had methodological assistance to socially important institutions, infected with crypto-ransomware.

The public accessed report, however, does not specify which the hacker attacks and targeted public sector are, probably for security reasons. However, it seems a clear need for a more serious attention by the whole society about the business and public sector cybersecurity in Bulgaria.


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