Our exploits

In this section we publish exploits and PoC, discovered by the team of TAD GROUP.

Using upload exploits is only allowed on your system, or if you have the permission of the owner of the systems. Implementation of systems without authorization is illegal and is prosecuted with the full strength of the law. TAD GROUP LTD accepts no liability in cases of abuse by users or for damage caused by the published exploits. Available here exploits are uploaded only for educational purposes.

Packet Storm
Every day in the public space is released new exploits for new vulnerabilities of different services and devices, revealed by experts on cybersecurity. Some of them are sold in Dark web, while others get into the public domain. Among the supporting significant timeliness and volume of public databases is packetstormsecurity.com. Driven by the desire to be helpful, in this section TAD GROUP`s team provides the new exploits immediately when they become available.

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