Hacker removed malware from Netgear site, the company failed to do so for 2 years

An anonymous hacker has removed malware from a Netgear site after the company failed to clean up a malware infection for more than two years.


Hacker robbed church in Northern Ireland

The hacker told the priest that the church computer should be remotely accessible to fix an internet problem.


Synaptics to remove keylogger from its drivers

The company has decided to remove the keylogger functionality from its products.


Fox-IT hacked

Netherlands-based company Fox-IT has admitted today that it has suffered a cybersecurity breach during which an unknown hacker executed a MitM attack and spied on several clients of the company.


Hackers use TRITON malware in attacks against industrial safety equipment

The new TRITON malware is designed especially to interact with the Triconex Safety Instrumented System controllers.

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