Hacker robbed church in Northern Ireland

The hacker told the priest that the church computer should be remotely accessible to fix an internet problem.


Three hackers plead guilty in Mirai botnet attacks

The US authorities have revealed details of the criminal charges against a former student and two other hackers responsible for the Mirai botnet attacks.


Andromeda botnet was taken down

Europol and the international law enforcement authorities took down one of the longest-running botnets called Andromeda.


New variant of BTCware ransomware discovered

Gillespie has discovered a new version of the BTCWare ransomware, the malicious code spreads by hacking into poorly protected remote desktop services and manually installed by hackers.


Sysadmin hacked his ex-employer

38-year-old Jacob Raines of Parkville, Missouri, pleaded guilty.

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