247,000 US Department of Homeland Security employees data compromised

The incident affected 247,167 current and former federal employees that were employed by DHS in 2014.


Keyboard application compromised personal data of 31 million users

The leaked database also reveals that the virtual keyboard application steals users' personal contact books, the names and phone numbers of their contacts, and has already stolen more than 373 million records.


Stanford University compromised data of 10,000 people

The University of Stanford reported that it has left sensitive student and employees data exposed on three separate occasions over the last year.


Top secret US Army and NSA files compromised

US Army data on compromised servers have discovered cybersecurity experts.


Forum “Cybersecurity – information and (personal) data. Be aware!” was held in Sofia

Hundreds of guests interested in the Bulgarian business cybersecurity attended the Forum “Cybersecurity – information and (personal) data. Be aware!”

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