Network penetration testing

A penetration test is an authorized hacker attack aimed to penetrate in your information systems. Its primary purpose is to identify the presence of vulnerabilities that could allow malicious third-parties to access your systems and information.

TAD GROUP discovers the threats and provides effective methods to mitigate the vulnerabilities before cybercriminals attempt to exploit them. The tests analyze how secure your network is using all possible methods for exploitation of the network services, protocols, and devices (servers, routers, switches, access points, firewalls, IPS/IDS devices, etc.). Thinking of cryptography, we would identify whether your information is encrypted and hashed with strong and reliable algorithms so that no one can access it.

The service also includes testing of the firmware of various devices.

As a result of our penetration testing, you will be able to see your systems from hacker's perspective and an experienced network security expert and you will find out how you can improve your security. TAD GROUP approaches in a unique way for each customer. Our experts will prepare a customized report and provide your team with the necessary guidance to effectively address any security issues found.

Tests are held in a combination of manual methods and software tools, thus to avoid possible omissions.

Although automated testing is effective, it is more appropriate during the initial phases of the penetration tests. At TAD GROUP, we believe that a comprehensive penetration test can only be carried out through precise manual testing techniques. That way we provide our clients with the best solution!

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