GDPR Compliance

Every service provided by TAD GROUP offers a unique approach to assess the security of your network, systems, and data storage. Nevertheless, none of them produce the same goals and results achieved by any of the other services. That is why TAD GROUP has created a comprehensive service that allows you to evaluate the extent to which your data is safe from cyber theft and named it "GDPR compliance".

The service combines a number of services offered by TAD GROUP with a single goal - to give you a credible, multi-directional and up-to-date insight on the risks your company is facing. This includes possibly becoming the next victim of a hacker attack, loss of data and important documents, loss of confidence by society, partners, customers, and employees.

Since the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 2018, all companies operating on the European market must meet certain requirements guaranteeing and demonstrating a responsible attitude towards the security of personal data storage.

Given that every day-to-day business activity implies the processing of personal data, it can be safely said that the requirements of the GDPR regulation affect all companies conducting business on the territory of any EU market.

As it is generally the case with statutory provisions, the GDPR also requires taking measures and applies corresponding sanctions in case of a breach - €20 million or 4% of the company's total annual revenue for the previous financial year (the higher amount being considered).


The GDPR compliance service includes:


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Internal and external network penetration testing
  • Information systems security audit
  • Mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering tests
  • Security awareness training


Do not be indifferent to hacker attacks! Protect your personal data now!

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