Vibratory or vibrating bowl feeders

What are vibrating feeders and why do you need them?

In the industrial sector there are a wide range of processes that require a continuous supply where the connection between two machines much be uniform and synchronised, in order to increase their efficiency.

Vibratory bowl feeders (also known as circular vibrators or vibrating bowl feeders) regulate the entry of material and allow to move the product to another destination in a synchronised manner.

Structure of a vibrating bowl feeder

A vibrating bowl feeder consists of a circular vibrator and a bowl. The electromagnetic vibrator is the driving element that advances the parts, both in the selection units, and in the autonomy or the vibratory linear feeder units. A vibrator is a unit consisting of two masses joined together elastically (active mass and reactive mass) and has a natural frequency that responds in an oscillating manner, according to a resonance curve, to the action of a frequency equal to the excitation caused by the magnetic field by pressing one or more electromagnets.

Vibrating bowl feeders: elements

The bowl or deposit is usually made of stainless steel and has an inner coating of synthetic fabric or a special polished finish with the purpose of helping the traction of the parts, prevent damaging them in the event of delicate parts as well as reducing the noise level. We have 3 types of bowls that have cylindrical, conical or stepped shapes.

What we call selection unit comprises a circular vibrator that establishes a circular advancing trajectory for the parts, to whose active mass a bowl (deposit) is fixed, provided with a helicoid ramp for the ascent of the parts until their evacuation, already positioned.

The function of this unit, commonly known as vibratory bowl feeder, is to position in a specific manner the parts that it receives in bulk, guiding and transporting them to their point of evacuation.


At TAD we have the widest range of vibrators available on the market, which enables us to cover the entire spectrum of implementations related to our activity. Our circular vibrators, manufactured using our own technology, are of proven quality and resistance, with a lifespan that can reach 30 years.


Our technological limits are those of the speciality itself. To serve as an example, some parameters related with our vibratory bowl feeders:

– Diameters or sums of the half-shafts of the bowls: 100 to 2,000 mm.
– Volume of the parts handled: 1 mm³ to 3 dm³.
– Unitary weight of the parts handled: 0.001 gr to 2 kg.
– Supply rate: from the lesser (discontinuous cycle) to the greater (cinematic machines).
– Handling of the parts: from the more aggressive ones to the most delicate ones, from simple shapes to more complex geometries.


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